Are my details shared with third parties?

We do not share your billing details, personal information or email address with any 3rd parties.

Can I receive both an electronic bill and a paper?

If you sign up for eBilling you will no longer receive a paper bill.

Why can’t I control whether or not I receive a paper bill?

The system does have the option to suppress the paper bill, but for reasons of security, this function is controlled by the Biller. If you do not see the option to suppress the paper then your biller has not turned on that option.

How do I view the details of my profile?

To view the details of your profile, please visit the “My Profile" section in the upper right-hand corner.

How do I add additional billing accounts to my e-bill profile?

Additional accounts can be added by going to "My Profile" entering the details from your bill under "Add an additional Account Number"

For how long are images stored?

Images are stored for thirty six months from when you complete the registration process. You will not be able to see any images created prior to your registration.

How will I know there is a new bill available?

The system will notify you via email that a new bill has been created and is ready for review. So, it’s very important that, in the event of a change in your email address, you update it in the system.

Delivery channels
How do I deactivate my e-bill account to receive a paper bill?

To deactivate your e-bill account, please go to the "My Profile" section and select "Deactivate Account & Return to Paper" at the bottom.